Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

Find business tax preparation services

Simplifying Your Taxes

Are you prepared to file your business taxes? The process can be challenging, especially if it’s your first time running your own company. Luckily, Steele Consulting Services & Marketing Firm, LLC offers business tax preparation services.

We can answer all of your tax-related questions, including:

  • Which expenses can you deduct?
  • Is your small business a sole proprietorship or a partnership?
  • Which employees are considered independent contractors?

Don’t get overwhelmed by the tax filing process. Contact us now to arrange for business tax preparation services.

What About Individual Tax Returns?

If you’re just filing personal income taxes, you may still have lots of questions. You can also depend on us for individual tax preparation services. We’ll help you put together all the forms and information you need to avoid an IRS audit and maximize your refund.

This year, opt for a hassle-free filing process by hiring us for tax preparation services. Call today to speak with a tax specialist.